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Swoon Dating

Swoon Dating
Swoon is a new dating site with over 1.6 million members already registered. A good place to start is to tell you what Swoon isn’t – it’s not a compatibility matching website. Swoon are not going to test you, give you a lengthy personality assessment or present you with a report of potential suitors. Swoon think that would take the magic out of dating. Swoon will tell you things about yourself and your prospective date that will help you to make it work. It adds to the thrill of the adventure by revealing what makes you, and other daters on the site, tick. It’s incredibly simple and psychologists have been doing it for years. Swoon are giving you some of the tricks of their trade to help you date and find that special someone for you, by teaming up with internationally recognised relationship therapist and life coach Trevor Silvester
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Dating in the UK? Swoon is one of the UK's largest online dating agencies with over 1,000,000 singles looking for a date.


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